Our Story

Our story (like all the great ones) starts at a bar. After a few too many drinks, we inevitably started talking about solving the world’s problems, about innovating. We asked why some companies like Warby Parker and Google were able to start from absolutely nothing and go on to transform entire industries. How did they become such masters of innovation when so many others fail?  Conventional wisdom says that innovation requires genius and a healthy dose of good luck.  Well, neither of us are geniuses, so we began to search for a different answer.

Things got off to a rough start. Our educations left us totally unequipped to get to the bottom of this. (A half-remembered quadratic formula and 23 of the 50 state capitals don’t help you create the next Facebook.)  So, we had to start at the beginning.  What even is innovation? After a little bit of digging, we realized that innovation doesn’t have to be big. It’s really nothing more than “creating something new.” When you start thinking about it like that, then it’s something every single one of us does every day — just not always at the scale of Google.  From improving work meetings to crafting new lesson plans, we all have some experience innovating, even if we’ve never been taught how to be great at it.

This blog chronicles our quest for that holy grail of innovation — a practical process that anyone can follow.  We truly believe that anyone can learn to be a great innovator, and we’ve made it our mission to understand what innovation is, how to be good at it, and how to teach it to others. This blog is our first step in the journey, and we’re so happy you’re here to join us. Together, we can innovate everything.  

David & Ben

P.S. We want this to be a conversation, so, if you want to talk, give us some feedback, or even contribute an article, drop us a line at hello@innovateeverything.io or contact us this way!